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After filling out this form successfully, you can download the Student's Anti Ragging Undertaking and the Parents Anti Ragging Undertaking from Website.
The student will receive an e-mail with his/her registration number. The student will forward that e-mail to the Nodal officer in his/her university/college e-mail.
Please note that the student will not receive pdf undertaking and he/she is not required to print & sign them as it used to be in the earlier case

In Case, You have not received Email from Antiragging after filling the Form, You can get the Details of your undertaking from VERIFY UDERTAKING page given below by using your registered Email
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After successfully submission of your Undertaking Form, you will receive your REFERENCE NUMBER
In Case, You have lost your REFERENCE NUMBER you can get it back from VERIFY UNDERTAKING using your Email

** College :- Colleges that are affiliated with any university. (Any Regular college)
** Standalone Institution :- Institutes which are not dependent on any university.(Teacher Training, Nursing etc)
** University :- Universities that provide courses without any colleges. (Same as Regular Courses without any colleges.)